FACTSHEET: Agent Optimization​


How does it work?

The solution is a calculation model which is capable of calculating the optimal number of autonomous/robotic agents required for the logistics material transport processes within a factory or warehouse.

First a digital twin is created, then the material flows are added to the twin. Based on this, the solution will calculate how many agents are required to satisfy the logistics process. It presents the outcomes in the form of a report.

What problem does it solve?

What is needed to use it?

When a factory is automating their logistics, knowing the optimal number of agents can save unnecessary costs. 

A Linux based PC, internet connection  

KPI's / Numbers

Who is using it?

Lowers average agent investment by xx% 

The solution has not been used so far in Better Factory experiments​.


Training Content

Agent Optimization

The objective of the Agent Optimization package is to compute the optimal number of agents (AGVs, humans, etc.) for material transport.



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