SMARTHam: Supervised manufacturing of real-time traceability in ham production

Manufacturing company

Capanna Prosciutti



Studio De Wilde


Technology Provider

Sirmium ERP



Capanna Prosciutti is a medium ham producer from Parma district and is a member of Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma. It produces almost 200,000 hams every year. Although ham production is a traditional process, Capanna Prosciutti is a modern factory which has ambition to further expand its production process and broaden its customer base. 

The business idea is to open new market possibilities home and abroad by targeting new population, i.e., younger customers. This customer segment, raised in the age of Internet, not only want to access all the information about the premium product, but also appreciate the usage of newest technologies and attractive packaging with some IoT gadgets. Thus, the objective of SMARTHam is to provide customers with the complete information on product selection and origin, as well as customization options. 

In this experiment, Capanna Proscuitti will be working with artist Studio De Wilde (Belgium), and technical partner SirmiumERP d.o.o. (Serbia). 

Studio De Wilde was created by Frederik De Wilde, a conceptual artist working on the interstice of art, science and technology. The conceptual crux of De Wilde’s innovation driven artistic praxis are the notions of the inaudible, intangible and invisible.

SirmiumERP d.o.o.’s product offering includes the creation of software, hybrid mobile apps and ionic frameworks for any OS, e-commerce strategies, and mobile responsive design. Their team also has years of experiance in developing MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL databases.


Technological idea behind this project is to enable smarter and better organized production ensuring production of more customized final products and enhanced traceability in digital form. As shown in the figure below, novel Parma 21st-century digital layer experience will built on four key innovations. 

Expected impact

Setting up a smart Lean production system via process of demand forecasting for Capanna Prosciutti has multiple benefits:

  • decrease in inventory costs through optimized stock levels
  • increase of production efficiency due to improved supply chain material resource planning
  • accurate demand forecast inevitably translates to accurate sales forecast
  • reduce the duration of any monthly, quarterly, yearly or any other random sample control stock taking, as well as asociated cost saving
  • save workers’ energy, increase workers’ safety and increase employee satisfaction

Pre-Experiment Video - Before

Post-Experiment Video - After