What are the APPS?

APPS (Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling) is a combination of software services grouped per package, and hardware infrastructure for the optimization of waste, energy and resources, something that in the modern tech terminology is referred to as Lean-Agile Production, where technologies such as 3D-printing and in general Additive Manufacturing are introduced to create novel materials more efficiently (less energy), with a lower cost, better properties, and less waste.



DOMAINSolution (APPS)Developing PartnerIn 1 sentence
Cognitive HRIPose Detection & TrackingGestaltImprove shopfloor worker ergonomics through monitoring-based intervention recommendations
Cognitive HRIFaMS (Fatigue Monitoring System) + IM (Intervention Manager)SUPSIDetects worker discomfort or dangers in collaborating with a robot
Logistics AutomationAgent OptimizationNational Center of Robotics (Slovakia)Module computing the optimal number of robotic agents (various types, e.g., AGV, forklift, humans) needed to satisfy material flow in the production.
Logistics AutomationPerson Detection & TrackingAIMENTracking operators in a shared space with robots to help human-robot interactions
Logistics AutomationPerson Movement DecompositionAIMENVirtual representation of workers pose to dynamically modify robot behaviours during task executions
Logistics AutomationHeatmap of Human OccupancyFrauenhoferMapping human traffic in a factory to optimize routes and becoming robotic ‘eyes’ on the buffer zones.
Resource OptimizationProOpt (Process Optimization)Top Data SciencePredicts process quality and efficiency optimization while minimizing operation costs
Resource OptimizationBPO (Business Process Optimization)Cyprus University of TechnologyPre-implementation scenario verification for factory process changes
Resource OptimizationSuperset DashboardEuropean DynamicsOpen source visualisation dashboard for factory data
Production ReconfigurationAPM (Advanced Plant Model)INESC-TECFactory 3D Designer and task execution manager for OSPS compliant robots.
Production ReconfigurationMPMS (Manu Process Mgnt System)European DynamicsExecutes and assigns tasks in the production process