FACTSHEET: Heatmap of Human Occupancy


How does it work?

The solution maps human traffic inside a factory and uses this data to propose interventions on the factory floor to optimize logistics or asset placements.

A set of laser scanners installed in the factory create heat maps with 1m2 resolutions. These heat maps are used for real time monitoring as well as to develop longer term insights into human movement around the factory.

What problem does it solve?

What is needed to use it?

It can avoid logistical delays by anticipating to actual situations on the floor. It can also extend the monitoring area of robots to increase the robot speed.

Laser scanners + internet connection + a pc + a minimum of 1 AGV or robot in operation.

KPI's / Numbers

Who is using it?

Increase speed of robots working in a factory by xx%

The solution has not been used so far in Better Factory experiments


Training Content

Person Detection & Tracking

The Person Detection & Tracking system is intended to monitor the shared spaces between humans and robots, as it allows to detect people and track them using stereo pairs, obtaining the pose of each person detected in the navigation map.


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