SMARTVIEW : Factory floor collaboration at your fingertips

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Kristina Pulejkova

United Kingdom

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The Smart Factory View (SMARTVIEW) project takes place within the factory of Famolde, a highly technological mid-cap producer of complex moulds in Portugal. The production environment experiences challenges in maintaining worker engagement and cross-discipline collaboration, leading to a silo mentality across Famolde’s departments. Engagement is a topic closely connected to employee voice (the feeling of being heard), employee recognition (the feeling of being seen) and senior leadership approachability (the feeling of being part of a team). Traditional tools to break down silos have not had the desired effects, hence the team is looking at new approaches to this topic via the Better Factory project. 

The SMARTVIEW project will develop and demonstrate a nature-inspired holistic interface for cross-factory cooperation. The artist Kristina Pulejkova will use VR and data analytics, sourced from interventions by the tech supplier Octavic, to build narratives around human-nature relationships in the context of the factory floor. In this way, the factory will be approached as an ecosystem, a natural environment inhabited by both humans and non-humans (machines), who engage in a complex grid of interactions and relationships, similar to a forest.  


Smartview’s challenges are namely:

  • The introduction and interation of new technologies on a shopfloor with process already defined that sometimes may pose technical challenges
  • The analysis, description and security of the data collected by these new technologies and how complex this may be
  • How this affects people doing their jobs
  • How to ensure data integrity
  • Change management, meaning changes in workflows, processes, and employee roles
  • Changing the mindsets of workers that are used to certain systems of work, and who are sometimes are adverse to changes on their work methodologies

Expected impact

The SMARTVIEW project expected outcome is a virtual/digital narration interface to translate production related data into opportunities for engagement and cooperation, most likely in the form of a virtual reality experience application. 

More specific impacts include: 

  • Reduce lead-time up to 10%  
  • Reduce waste (scrap/re-work) by 5 -8 % 
  • Increase machine availability up to 15% 
  • Save energy consumption up to 5% 
  • Reduce GHG (Green House Gas) up to 5%