Onboarding to the project Better Factory

What is Better Factory?

What is the Expression of Interest?

How to apply to our Open Call?

What is RAMP?

How to create a tender on RAMP?

How to get started with RAMP as a KTE?

Logistics and automation library




Tracking of workers in shared space

Advanced Plant Modelling (APM)

Create Physical Area

Create Physical Area with Map

Add a new rack to the Catalogue with STEP

Add a new workstation to the catalogue

Complementary video of the documentation

Implant objects on the physical area

Add a new rack to the Catalogue

Add a new equipment to the catalogue

Add a new production line to the catalogue

KTEs Webinar

Cognitive Autonomous Systems

COMPLEMANT experiment: an effective implementation of the HORSE Human-Cobot collaboration


The Camunda Platform Manual

Manufacturing Process Management System

3D Digital Twin

How to create CAD Model

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization by Top Data Science