FACTSHEET: Superset Dashboard


How does it work?

The solution is a visualisation dashboard which allows for monitoring of factory data such as resource consumption, sensor input data or machine data, providing real time insight as well as historical review.

Any data available in the factory can be fed to the dashboard after data collection, storage and connection to the database.

What problem does it solve?

What is needed to use it?

It provides insight into a number of relevant processes occurring in the factory, giving relevant knowledge to management.

A computer, internet connection and data collection infrastructure of choice.

KPI's / Numbers

Who is using it?

Allows for xx factory processes to be monitored through one dashboard. *Pending after KTEs experimentation

FOLD, ODC3D, Better CNC Factory, ZOVOS-EKO, SMARTHam, DSBSF, MiniRoboFab


Training Content

Apache Superset app

Apache Superset is an open-source, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application allowing users to explore and visualize their data.


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