FACTSHEET: Person Detection and Tracking


How does it work?

Tracking operators in a shared space with robots to help human-robot interactions. Tracking people allows the robots to have a high-level virtual representation of the environment, differentiating objects from humans and act accordingly. It is useful to dynamically modify the robot behaviours during the execution of collaborative or cooperative tasks.

Cameras installed in the workspace film the shared spaces. The solution creates real-time heatmaps and position maps based on this, which are shared with the robots to act upon, in real time.

What problem does it solve?

What is needed to use it?

Adding robots or autonomous vehicles to a shared working space like a factory or a warehouse requires the robot to be able to monitor its environment well to avoid collisions for example. This solution allows robots to identify and track humans in a dynamic way, preventing not just collisions, but also helping in all sorts of collaborative tasks.

2D Cameras, a powerful PC, internet connection

KPI's / Numbers

Who is using it?

Increases the effectiveness of collaborative robots by up to xx%

The solution has not been used so far in Better Factory experiments


Training Content

Person Detection & Tracking

The Person Detection & Tracking system is intended to monitor the shared spaces between humans and robots, as it allows to detect people and track them using stereo pairs, obtaining the pose of each person detected in the navigation map.


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