FAMS (Fatigue Monitoring System) + IM (Intervention Manager)


How does it work?

This solution can be used to detect physical discomfort for a worker and intervene before dangerous situations can occur. It is designed for human-robot collaborative tasks in particular.

A wearable measures specific parameters of the worker, like heartrate and skin temperature. The end-user pre-sets the intervention rules in the software. Once active, the software intervenes by sending messages to the user in real-time, making the worker aware of possible dangers.

What problem does it solve?

What is needed to use it?

Human-robot collaborations are new to the workplace, as are the risks for errors and hazards associated. This solution is a prevention tool. Trained by many possible scenarios, it can intervene in an early stage.

a wearable device like a smartwatch, docker and docker compose, internet connection

KPI's / Numbers

Who is using it?

Improve human-robot collaborative safety by up to xx%. *Pending after KTEs experimentation

The solution has not been used so far in Better Factory Experiments.


Training Content

Fatigue Monitoring System

The Fatigue Monitoring System (FaMS) component detects possible psychological (e.g., loss of attention, mental fatigue) or physical (e.g., tiredness) discomfort or harmful situations for a worker. The situations identified by this component can be targeted by a short term intervention, which is an intervention that can be triggered and executed to support a specific worker during the current working shift.

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