From the 29th to the 31st of March, the 18M Consortium Meeting of Better Factory took place in Amsterdam. Many thanks to Stichting Waag Society for hosting us at their wonderful facilities and to all partners for making such an enriching and active meeting.

During our meeting, we had the opportunity to present the progress of the project so far, identify improvement points and establish next steps. Several working sessions took place focusing on the progress achieved by our Knowledge Transfer Experiments (1st Open Call) and actions were planned to facilitate their implementation and dissemination. The strategy for the launch and dissemination of the 2nd Open call where a second round of Knowledge Transfer Experiments will be selected was also presented. Stay tuned for more news!

In addition, during our stay we had the opportunity to visit one of our KTEs! We went to Fiction Factory, the SME leading the Better CNC Factory project, where we met the whole team and got to know more about their projects. Fiction Factory aims to optimise its manufacturing processes to achieve efficient use of materials and reduction of waste: its ultimate goal is to achieve more sustainable manufacturing by moving from project-based to material-based developments. Watch our video to see what they are working on!