On the past 27-30 June, Better Factory took part at Automatica 2022 in Munich, Germany – the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics.

This year’s theme for the event was ‘intelligence empowering tomorrow’, offering a platform for the ideas of the most acclaimed and promising pioneers, while promoting knowledge transfer and collaboration. Automatica overall provides great networking opportunities for innovation drivers from science, business, politics and society.

At this event, Better Factory was presented in different formats, firstly via a booth at ‘B4’ in the startup arena, near I4MS stand.

Secondly, Better Factory took part in 2 main activities on 22 June, at 10:15 at Future Robotics Hall, and roundtable at 15:00, led by our partnes In4Art and Funding Box.

For instance, On ‘Trend Day’, our partner Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet, from In4Art, was asked to give an inspirational keynote at the FundingBox Start-Up Arena, showcasing how artists are working on robotics and machine learning, in thought-provoking ways.

“If we need machines to think, we need them to see” – our partner Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet, on the stage of the FundingBox Startup Arena talking about how art and digitalisation can inspire the manufacturing sector

On the screen on the picture above, you can see an artist collaborating with a robot, on a painting. Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet talked about how robots and humans can learn from each other in art, as well as other areas like manufacturing.

The presentation also highlighted two Better Factory KTE teams in particular, as interesting use cases: SMARTHam and BetterCNCFactory. The activity had some 50 attendees, 10 of whom stayed after the talk to connect and talk further about the Better Factory project.

The Automatica startup arena in 2022, B4

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