Poland’s trade fair brought together bidders and decision-makers responsible for the development of the tool and processing industry in Poland. As many as 193 exhibitors and 2079 visitors attended!

First Day Summary

This year’s tooling and processing conference was aimed at people who wanted to deepen their knowledge in the area of Industry 4.0 in the specialty tooling and processing industry, as well as the issue of shortening global value chains as an opportunity for industry companies.

During the conference, two-panel discussions were held on the following topics:

  • “Industry 4.0 solutions in the tooling and processing industry – challenges and benefits”
  • “If not China then who? Shortening global value chains as an opportunity for industry companies”.

In addition, an INFO DAY meeting was held on “How to increase production automation and product personalization?” as part of the Better Factory project.

It attracted considerable interest from companies, who were interested to apply and receive funding of up to EUR 200,000 to redesign their current products or implement innovations in the company in cooperation with experts in technology, business and art.

Second Day Summary

On the second day of the fair, a cooperation exchange was organised by the Enterprise Europe Network Center at the Toruń Regional Development Agency S.A., which brought together many manufacturers, distributors and specialists in the tool making and polymer plastics processing sector.

There were also individual meetings with experts as part of the Better Factory project “How to increase the automation of production and products?”. This was attended by companies interested in the international project.

The next day was an educational day aimed at high school students. There was a meeting for young people, during which three topics were discussed to help them make decisions about their future educational and professional paths:

  • “Competencies necessary in the tool and processing industry and the possibility of career development”
  • “Skills for Employability Development”
  • “Competencies for the tool and processing industry in light of job advertisements

After the lecture , a tour of the exhibition hall was organised for the young people under the guidance of mentors from our industry.

A Cooperative Exchange also continued, in an online format, for those who could not come to the fair in person.