Better Factory participated in Manufacturing Partnership Day, hosted by The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) in Brussels on September 26th. This event united experts, innovators, and researchers to explore the latest advancements in manufacturing technology and opportunities for collaboration, featuring presentations, insightful discussions, and knowledge sharing.

The event served as an ideal platform for Better Factory to present its innovative approach. In his presentation, Magnus Simons, demonstrated how the project integrates artists into the realm of manufacturing innovation, bridging the gap between creativity and industry. He offered a compelling glimpse into the outcomes achieved by the first round of KTEs, RAMP, and APPs, underscoring their transformative impact. This momentous occasion holds particular significance as it signifies the culmination of the Better Factory project, marking its final year in operation.

Magnus Simons presenting Better Factory

Among the showcased projects, Better Factory’s unique perspective shed light on the transformative potential of artist-manufacturing collaborations. It was an opportunity for Better Factory to connect with like-minded professionals in manufacturing and innovation. With 300 attendees, the event offered ample chances for networking, idea sharing, and potential partnerships.  

About the Organizer 

EFFRA is a non-profit, industry-driven mission that champions the development of novel and forward-thinking production technologies, solidifying its role as the official representative of the private sector in the “Made in Europe” partnership.