On the 6th May, 20222, I4MS held a Regional Workshop in Budapest, with Pannon Business Network, to spread the word about EU Funding Opportunities for the digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs.

The event was held at from 10am – 12pm, at EIT’s headquarters, in Buda – Infopark 1, Building E, Neumann Janos utca.

The agenda was as follows:

  • Welcome by PBN – Balázs Barta PBN
  • Cascade funding: A tool of financing for innovative projects and overview of 2022-2023 I4MS
  • Funding Calls – Maria Roca – FundingBox
  • Presentation of some success cases of Innovation Actions – Moderated by Marta Portalés Mobile World Capital
  • Interactive discussion with potential applicants

Better Factory was present at this event via Marta Portalés (of Mobile World Capital, below), as well as partner Gergely Császár (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs‐Baranya), who led and took part in the discussion on success stories of Innovation Actions.

Marta Portalés (Mobile World Capital, dissemination partner of Better Factory) moderated the discussion on success cases of Innovation Actions. The two guest speakers in this discussion were representing the project Better Factory (Gergely Császár, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs‐Baranya), and the project DigitBrain.

Marta Portalés (Better Factory) introducing the discussion between projects Better Factory and DigitBrain
Discussion on success cases of Innovation Actions, with guest speakers from Better Factory and DigitBrain

The discussion was led with a question on what are the biggest challenges for the digitalisation of SMEs, which the guest speakers answered using their experience mostly of SMEs in Hungary and Budapest, focusing on aspects such as lack of money, lack of information on technology providers/supporting organisations/technology innovations, lack of equipment, among others.

You can watch this discussion from 57 minutes onwards: