Porto, Portugal – The Better Factory consortium recently held a meeting at INESC TEC to discuss the progress of the project, which is aimed at growing manufacturing businesses. The consortium consists of 14 organizations, including ED, HLX, Gestalt Rob, TLX, INOVA, SUPSI, GLUON, BIC, ICT Cluster, VTT, INESC TEC, UO, FPQC, CCIPB, TDS, AIMEN, HBD, FBA, and CUT.

The meeting, which took place from February 14-16, 2023, was attended by representatives from all 14 organisations, who were on-site. The meeting included presentations from task leaders, with each presentation following a standard template covering task objectives, progress, plans for the next six months, and deliverable status. The presentations were followed by 5-10 minutes of discussion.

The meeting also included discussions on the first round of experiments, including artistic, digital, and APPS, as well as the outcomes, success stories, and learnings. The discussions were moderated by Rodolfo Groenewoud of In4Art.

The consortium also discussed dissemination strategies for the project, with a presentation by Marta Portalés Oliva of MWC.

The meeting concluded with a wrap-up and a Gantt chart to track project deliverables and payments. The consortium agreed to hold monthly meetings to continue tracking project progress.