Better Factory – Open Calls

Better Factory will launch 2 Open Calls to select 8 Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTEs) per Open Call, making a total of 16 KTEs during the lifetime of the project.

The goal of the KTEs is to lead a diversification of the SMEs product portfolio with an aim to enhance their business-models with customized and individualized products and new services around the products. KTEs will address the following sectors:

  • • Plastic and Rubber ?
  • • Furniture and Wood ?
  • • Food and Agriculture ?
  • • Construction ?
  • • Metal and Machinery ⚙
  • • Textile and Leather ?

From the Better Factory perspective, the KTEs will serve as the instrument to test and launch the RAMP (Robotics and Automation MarketPlace) platform. RAMP is a B2B marketplace for manufacturing SMEs to buy services and solutions essential to digitize and grow their business.

Up to EUR 200,000 (total lump sum) will be distributed to each one of the selected KTEs, based upon the successful delivery of technical and business reports along the 16-month experiment program.

KTEs applications will have to be submitted by consortia composed of:

  • One Manufacturing SME of Mid-Cap (up to EUR 50,000)
  • One Technology supplier (up to EUR 100,000)
  • One Artist (up to EUR 50,000)

Participants from all countries from the EU and H2020 Associated countries will be eligible for the Open Calls.

The Process

A sequential process has been defined in order to ensure the collaboration and matchmaking between Manufacturing SMEs, Technology Suppliers and Artists that may propose successful applications.

Prior to the formal Open Call, the individual members of future applicant consortia will be called through 3 different online application modules:

  • Module (A), where Manufacturing SMEs will be able to submit their Expressions of Interest (EoI), including the challenges they will address, the technologies to be used, etc. A selection of the most innovative challenges will be done by the Digital Innovation Hubs taking part of the Better Factory consortium.
  • Module (B), where Technology Suppliers will be able to register in the RAMP platform.
  • Module (C), where Artists will be able to register in the RAMP platform.

Once the Manufacturing SMEs EoI for the project are selected, the SMEs challenges will be published in the Co-creation Space of the RAMP Marketplace and a matchmaking process through RAMP will tentatively start as follows: first Artists and then between Technology Suppliers and Manufacturing SMEs.

A formal Open Call for Financial Support to Third-Parties (FSTP) will then be announced and opened for proposals submitted via EoI and supported by the project through this matchmaking process, but also for the proposals submitted by outsiders without requesting additional support. All applications will be submitted through an online application on FundingBox platform (Module (D) for ‘Better Factory’ consortia proposals).

In each Open Call, every submitted proposal will be evaluated by 3 Better Factory experts. The best 16 proposals will be invited to the Jury Day, where the candidates will have to pitch in front of the Selection Committee composed of the core partners of the Better Factory consortium.

As a result, the best 8 proposals will be selected for funding.

Proposals and individual applicants having failed in the selection process of the 1st Open Call will be encouraged to apply to the 2nd Open Call.

The dates

The individual calls for Expressions of Interest (SMEs) and for RAMP registration (Technology Suppliers and Artists) will open by Mid-January 2021.

The 1st Open Call will be launched for applicant consortia in the second semester 2021.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.