On the past 9-10 June, 2022, Better Factory was present at CLUTEX’s general meeting. CLUTEX is the Czech textile cluster, founded in 2006, with activities focusing on:

  • Improving cooperation of companies
  • Deepening cooperation of manufacturing companies and research institutions
  • Providing resources for pilot development and research projects
  • Establishing contacts cooperation with foreign clusters and institutions

At this meeting, Better Factory was presented by Petr Janák and Petra Dufková. An overview of the Better Factory project and European Commission funding was given, as well as a rundown of the next EoI and Open Call process, including how applicants can take part and create a successful application.

The steps of the application process were broken down in detail, and data was also presented from the previous open call (country of origin, sectors, etc.). There was also time for Q&A from the audience, which comprised 48 people.

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