Call for Expression of Interest of project Better Factory closed with 367 applications from Manufacturing SMEs, Artists and Tech suppliers from 30 different countries in Europe.

80% of SMEs and Tech suppliers are composed of 2-49 employees 

37% of the workers’ SMEs and Tech suppliers are females 

The first expression of interest has successfully closed with 367 submissions; each stakeholder –Manufacturing SMEs, Artists and Tech suppliers– represented one-third of the total of the applications.  

It comes as no surprise to see Italy (11%) in the top five of the application countries since it is the cradle of the design sector. The second-highest concentration of participants was Romania (11%) followed by the United Kingdom (9%), Spain (8%), and Netherlands (7%). In addition, it is interesting to note that European east countries represent more than 30% of the total submissions.  

Plastic and Rubber, Metal and Machinery and Furniture and Wood: first sectors of the Manufacturing SMEs applications

The challenges the European manufacturing ecosystem faces to transform into a digital and sustainable industry are enormous. Plastic and Rubber (55), Metal and Machinery (57), and Furniture and Wood (55). Which appear to be the first sectors of the manufacturing SMEs submissions, are the most polluting sector, the second one for most energy consumption, and the third to deal with legal framework issues. Nevertheless, together the three sectors employ close to 5 million people in Europe. 

From Artists’ applications, the main artistic area with 104 propositions is focused on Science, technology, and experiment/science. Meanwhile, only 27 submissions are from design, artistic, and production areas. Showing a clear interest in bringing closer together science and art.  

Better Factory aims to target each manufacturing sector with the goal to redesign their current product and/or services portfolio together with Business and Arts mentors and Technology experts. 

The next steps 

After assessment and evaluation by the consortium members, the best fitting stakeholders from the Expression of Interest will go through a process of matchmaking through the RAMP platform, after forming the final teams the parties will receive support on their Knowledge Transfer Experiment (KTE) proposal to be submitted during the Open Call stage.  

About Better Factory 

Better Factory is an initiative that helps Small and Medium sized (SMEs) European manufacturers to enter new markets by providing reduction of production cost by optimising the use of resources and production planning – Better Factory will connect manufacturing SMES with companies who have proven technologies in production optimisation. Furthermore, redesigning products by connecting manufacturing SMEs with experienced design artists. And, financial and business consultancy to improve production, develop new products and create new business strategies. 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 951813.