The FOLD project, a Knowledge Transfer Experiment (KTE) within Better Factory’s inaugural round of experiments, stands as a beacon of collaborative ingenuity. This unique venture brought together an artist, an SME (Europack), and a technology provider (Oviso Robotics SRL) with a common goal. Their mission? To pioneer the use of Stone Paper, an eco-friendly material, for producing grow tubes, showcasing the potential of sustainable manufacturing at its finest.

FOLD in 2023

Over the past year, Isaac Monte’s participation in the FOLD Knowledge Transfer Experiment has propelled the project into new realms of exploration. Initial research and artistic endeavors with Stone Paper have evolved into a sophisticated printing installation. These innovative objects will be showcased at the Dutch Design Week 2023 in Eindhoven, marking a significant milestone in the project’s development.

Isaac Monte has not only expanded the applications of bio-based materials in additive manufacturing but also pioneered the development of novel extrusion techniques to handle the unique viscosity of Stone Paper. His work extends to crafting biobased pastes from waste streams, utilizing byproducts like Calcium from the limestone industry. Through a series of monumental clams, Isaac pays homage to the ancient craft of stonemasonry while redefining it for the modern era.

The heart of this project lies in the reinvention of stone masonry. By transforming Stone Paper into a liquid form of limestone, Isaac has enabled 3D printing to take the place of traditional tools, reducing material waste. These Giant Clams, representing different stages of a stone mason’s apprenticeship, embody the intersection of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Connect at Dutch Design Week

Witness the FOLD project’s transformative journey at the upcoming Dutch Design Week from October 21st to 29th. Engage with the FOLD team and be part of a revolution in sustainable manufacturing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the future of eco-friendly production. We look forward to seeing you there!