The Better Factory project recently took part, alongside sister projects CIRCULOOS and KITT4SME, at the European Robotics Forum 2024 held in Rimini, Italy. From March 13th to 15th, the event brought together industry minds to deliberate upon the future trajectory of robotics, emphasizing innovation and sustainability at its core.

On the inaugural day, Better Factory took center stage as it collaborated with CIRCULOOS in the presentation authored by Anatoli Tziola from the Cyprus University of Technology. The paper titled “Manufacturing Logistics Optimization using the SPECTER Task Planner: A Shoe Manufacturing Case Study” spotlighted the efficacy of the SPECTER task planner in revolutionizing shoe manufacturing logistics. This presentation not only showcased technological advancements but also sparked an exchange of ideas and insights among the participants during the subsequent poster session. You can watch our interview with Anatoli here:

In addition to this, on the second day the Better Factory project actively participated in two workshops, contributing under the themes “Platforms and Networks for Smart Robotics Uptake” and “Remanufacturing“. Representatives from Better Factory, including experts like Francisco Melendez from Fiware, emphasized the project’s role in bridging the gap between system integrators and SMEs. Andrea Bettoni from SUPSI reiterated the significance of AI in propelling digitalization within SMEs, underscoring the transformative potential of initiatives like Better Factory in driving manufacturing excellence and sustainability.

The workshops provided an invaluable platform to showcase Better Factory’s innovative approaches alongside complementary initiatives such as the European Projects REDOL, PURESCRAP, Opti Scarp, and RENÉE, collectively advancing the discourse on robotics, circular economy, sustainability, and manufacturing prowess.

About The European Robotics Forum The European Robotics Forum serves as a premier congregation of leading international experts in robotics, fostering dialogue among academia, industry, and end-users to catalyze industrial competitiveness, scientific progress, and networking opportunities, while charting new frontiers for robotics applications.

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