This document aims to act as an “Integration of the APM in the RAMP Marketplace and a guide how to use it” and is the output of Task “T1.2 Factory digital twin designer”, M1-M45.

The Advanced Plant Model (APM) is a system developed by INESC TEC that aims to provide a real-time digital representation of the ongoing state of a given shop floor, in the form of semantic and geometric information. It includes representations of workers, industrial and mobile robots, work-stations, manufacturing lines, racks, boxes, palettes, kits and parts, consolidated by a production schedule generated by a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Human operators and robotic manipulators can exploit this information when participating in manufacturing operations on the shop floor.

The Digital Twin Designer, described in this document, is the element inside the APM system that provides the means to enable the User to build a digital representation of manufacturing areas, including their major objects such as logistic racks, robotic manipulators and equipment is general, among others. CAD models representing the objects available in the manufacturing area, may be selected, entered into the system in order to reach a digital model of the three-dimensional environment.

This document provides a User Manual of the Digital twin Designer, describing the main application features of the Tool and a set of training material, oriented to the User and letting him/she experience the main functions implemented by the Tool.