D6.3 Is the first report that is prepared at M6 to coordinate dissemination of open calls (T6.2) and marketing of project results (T6.3) strategies. This Report will be updated during the project implementation, including ‐in the Interim Reports‐ the concrete dissemination and exploitation activities carried out. The final version of PEDR will present the final impact views. 

D6.5 is the second report on the dissemination of the open calls and marketing of project results, covering the last reporting period from April 2021. This deliverable includes information on the First Open Call, the Second Expression of Interest and Second Open Call, outlining the activities and longer-term learnings. The report also focuses equally on the overall exploitation of the project, which will mainly take place via the continuation of RAMP (Robotics Automation Marketplace), as well as through the success stories and learnings of the project, including the KTEs, Deliverables, social media materials, and scientific publications.