This deliverable introduces the current business hypothesis which will be tested in the Better Factory project. These hypotheses are based on the business development activities carried out in L4MS and DIH² projects. Business development activities will be continued in the Better Factory project the focusing on activities of testing and refining the business hypothesis further via KTEs. Proper interaction matrices will be defined around the RAMP and the value proposition will be tested with potential customers and other stakeholders. 

During KTEs the feedback from participants will be collected to estimate the value creation in these interactions and the potential to monetize interactions conducted via RAMP. Various feedback mechanisms are utilized with the different types of customers in order to validate all the hypotheses applied in the definition of the first draft of the Business Plan [D7.1]. The draft business plan will also be used to create awareness among stakeholders relevant to the RAMP. A business plan works as a foundation for ‘Elevator pitch’, which will be prepared to be used in approaching potential investors (regional/national/European governments, DIHs, Robot manufacturers, Large Manufacturers, and private investors, among others). The Business Plan will be updated after each round of KTEs.