Welcome to our interview series with the partners running Better Factory. Today we are lucky to be joined by one of our all-star team to learn more about Top Data Science and their role in the project!

Thank you for joining us today! Please could you give us a short introduction to Top Data Science in your own words?

Top Data Science is an AI-oriented company, with a lot of knowledge and know-how on different topics of AI. We want to help our customers to improve on their products, production or anything they want to benefit in using AI. Together with customers we gain an excellent understanding of their field and we work together to get to the best possible outcome.

Thank you! Could you tell us some more about your AI application called Aiya (Artificial Intelligence for Your Advantage), and its overall mission?  

Aiya is aN optimization and a simulation tool. Aiya intakes process parameters and uses them to predict and simulate production outcome based on the parameter values that goes into process. Aiya is a great tool for managing a process, since operators can foresee how the process will go and react to this and steer the production to more optimal direction.

How will Aiya contribute to the Better Factory project? Perhaps you could touch on creating optimal solutions to reduce consumption of energy, resource and waste, throughout the project? 

There are a lot of unoptimized processes there, that could benefit from Aiya. Aiya could help lowering costs of production, make it easier to quality control the end product of a process, and lower the work weight put on process operators. Aiya is a good fit for anyone with a process that has some input parameters and measurable quality values for end product. 

Top Data Science has a significant role in the project working on the development and integration of APPS. How do you foresee its development for the remainder of the project?  

As our solution is now for this project it already has features that can give users great benefits for their process. Probably there will be a need for new features, to make the solution more suitable for a wider audience. New features will be then developed if those are seen necessary for usage of the solution. We want to make our solution as user friendly and useful as possible. 

No doubt there will be some readers that are keen to meet you to talk more about the project and your role in it. Which events can people find you at in 2022, 2023, and beyond? 

Since Top Data Science is a Finnish company, we mainly partake in events here and there are not any particular ones right now coming up that we could give you a date and name for. But if there is any interest on using AI in your company, you can find more about us on our website and then we can organize a meeting to discuss subject further. We are always excited about new opportunities to use our knowledge to help others. 

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