We’re thrilled to introduce a sneak peek of the upcoming SME & Artist Collaboration Toolkit, a key output from the Better Factory project. This Toolkit, which will be released in a few months, encapsulates the innovative spirit and collaborative efforts that have driven the Better Factory initiative, aiming to inspire and guide similar projects in regions across Europe.

The Better Factory Method

Bringing Art-Driven Innovation to Europe’s SMEs

The Better Factory Method has been designed to boost the digitization journey, foster new product development, and promote responsible innovation among SMEs. Here’s a quick look at how we’ve achieved this:

  • Industrial Challenge: Identifying key challenges within the industry.
  • Matchmaking: Connecting SMEs with artists and technology suppliers.
  • Core Team Composition: Forming diverse and interdisciplinary teams.
  • Iteration Cycles: Iterative development to refine ideas and solutions.
  • Demonstrators: Creating practical demonstrations of new innovations.
  • Business Modelling: Developing sustainable business models.

Key Project Data

The Better Factory project has accomplished remarkable results, backed by a substantial total budget of €8,580,000. Here are some key statistics:

  • €3,580,000 allocated for open calls.
  • €1,300,000 dedicated to mentoring.
  • Development of 12 digital tools and an IoT platform.
  • A marketplace developed and tested in 16 Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTEs).
  • 48 companies participated in these experiments, with over 35 experiment results tested.

The project’s success is driven by a multidisciplinary mentoring approach, with technical, artistic, and business mentors supporting the experiments, ensuring efficient cooperation and innovative outcomes.

Highlights of the Better Factory Method and Toolkit

The Better Factory Toolkit will provide comprehensive guidance on setting up, managing, and interpreting collaborative art-driven industry innovation projects. Key features of the Toolkit include:

  • Goal Identification: Helping regions define and achieve their innovation objectives.
  • Matchmaking Support: Building diverse and effective teams.
  • Common Ground Establishment: Creating a shared language and understanding among participants from different backgrounds.

Implementing the Better Factory Method in Your Region

We invite regional and national organizations to adopt the Better Factory Method, making local SMEs more innovative and competitive. To establish a similar programme, you’ll need a coordinator, funding, and mentors, along with selected manufacturing SMEs, artists, and technology suppliers.

Stay tuned for the official release of the SME & Artist Collaboration Toolkit, and join us in driving creativity, innovation, and employment across Europe’s regions.