Welcome to a journey of innovation and progress! Over the past four years, Better Factory has been at the forefront of transforming manufacturing, bringing together art and technology to empower European SMEs. The teams featured in this video series represent the second round of participants who have dedicated the last two years to pioneering new solutions.

Meet the Teams

1. OCCE – The 100% Recyclable Office Chair Team OCCE, comprised of ANTARES ROMANIA, Comfrac Green Energy SRL, and NMASA Design, has reimagined the traditional office chair for a circular economy, focusing on 100% recyclability and reduced emissions.

2. IoWA – Sustainable Wine Production with AR and Robotics IoWA – Internet of Wine and Art, including BUBAMARA-V, MARCO FELLUGA SRL, and Anna Dumitriu, has innovated wine production with smart corks, eco-packaging, biomaterials, e-labelling, and augmented reality.

3. STARIoT – Sustainable Straws, Greener Future STARIoT, featuring staramaki Social Cooperative Enterprise, Gilbert Sinnott, and CommonsLab SCE, has revolutionized the straw market with durable, socially responsible products.

4. reFINe – Bio-Inspired Glue for Sustainable Products reFINe brings NMASA Design, Canonical Robots, and SEACSUB S.p.A. together to develop biobased glue for sustainable construction materials, reducing reliance on synthetic alternatives.

5. MICOCRAFT – Bio-Inspired Glue for Sustainably Manufactured Products MICOCRAFT, partnering with RONGO DESIGN, SPE Global Solutions, and ONSITE STUDIO, explores sustainable manufacturing with biobased materials and natural glues.

6. SMARTVIEW – Factory Collaboration at Your Fingertips FAMOLDE, KRISTINA PULEJKOVA, and Octavic PTS S.R.L. collaborate in SMART-VIEW to enhance cross-factory collaboration and productivity through digital solutions.

7. SmartEnvelope – Digitalized and Eco-Friendly Envelopes AND-TECH, David Rickard, and PLAST-FARB innovate sustainable postal products, enhancing customer experience and environmental responsibility.

8. Shoes in Circle – Reducing Footprint with Sustainable Shoes Tapi-1 Aleksander Żur, ANKA WALICKA_PROJEKT, and STUDIO GF&L UNIPESSOAL LDA. work on sustainable knitted shoes using IoT and robotics to reduce waste.

9. 3DARTDESIGN – Artistic Innovation by Titanium 3D Printing PREMET Ltd., LASRAM Engineering Kft., and Studio Nick Ervinck identify new applications for overused medical implant powder, exploring new markets through artistic 3D printing.

Join us as we celebrate the culmination of two years of dedication, creativity, and collaboration. These videos showcase the tangible outcomes of the Better Factory project, highlighting how innovation and sustainability are shaping the future of manufacturing in Europe.

About Better Factory

Better Factory, funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, is a 16-month journey for manufacturing SMEs to enhance global competitiveness. With up to €200,000 in funding and support from 28 expert partners across Europe, Better Factory transforms conventional factories into agile hubs of innovation. Over the past four years, 16 dynamic teams have leveraged this platform to pioneer art-driven solutions, revolutionizing manufacturing processes and products.

Join the Journey

Join us on this captivating journey through the Better Factory project and witness firsthand how art and technology converge to shape the future of manufacturing. Each video highlights not just the innovation but also the dedication and collaborative spirit driving these teams forward.

Follow the links below to watch each video and learn more about the groundbreaking work of these visionary teams:

Shoes in Circle
3D Art Design

Together, let’s explore how Better Factory is paving the way towards a more sustainable, innovative, and competitive industrial landscape.