These 9 new teams chosen to take part in the second round of Better Factory will explore new markets using digital tools, test and develop new lean-agile production technologies, make deals through the Robotics and Automation MarketPlace (RAMP), access training to re-skill staff, receive business support and mentoring, and to get up to 200,000 EUR of equity-free funding.

So who are the teams taking part in this second round of Better Factory, and what manufacturing challenges are they innovating and solving?

1. OCCE – The 100% Recyclable Office Chair Reimagining the traditional office chair with a focus on 100% recyclability, reduced emissions, and minimised production costs.

2. Internet of Art and Wine – Sustainable Wine Production with AR and Robotics Optimising Wine Production with Smart Corks, Eco-Packaging, Biomaterials, E-Labelling, and Augmented Reality.

3. STARIOT – Sustainable straws, greener future Revolutionizing the straw market with durable, resistant and socially responsible products.

4. SHOES IN CIRCLE – Your footprint, reduced Sustainable knitted shoes, combined with IoT and robotics to reduce waste

5. MICOCRAFT – Bio-Inspired Glue for Sustainably Manufactured Products A biobased material, using a natural glue, replaces synthetic materials, for a sustainable manufacturing process for the construction industry.

6. SMARTVIEW – Factory floor collaboration at your fingertips Enhancing cross-factory collaboration and communication for improved productivity, sustainability, and worker well-being.

7. SMART ENVELOPE – Digitalised and eco-friendly envelopes A new line of sustainable and digital postal products, designed to enhance customer experience and environmental responsibility

8. 3 DART DESIGN – Transforming metal waste into opportunity – Identifying new applications and markets for products made from overused powder from medical implants.

9. ReFINE – Dive deeper with less impact – The future of sustainable F1 scuba diving fins, with an optimized design and reshored manufacturing processes.

Find our more in our new video, including real footage from the factories!