The D1.4 deliverable, titled “Cyber security implementation for RAMP 2.0,” describes the RAMP IoT platform demonstrator and its security features, installation, configuration, and network setup.

The D1.6 deliverable, titled “RAMP data API 1.0,” addresses the objectives of the Better Factory task “T3.1 Access to cloud infrastructure.” The primary goal is to provide Manufacturing SMEs with accessible services, enabling them to utilize applications and cloud data without the burden of local infrastructure or in-house IT expertise. Similarly, technology providers can seamlessly offer their applications on the RAMP cloud, eliminating the need for dedicated infrastructure. A secure API allows the use of only authorized 3rd-party applications addressing security concerns of users. The implementation elements that materialize the cloud access service of RAMP is described in this document.

The D1.8 deliverable, titled “Integrated Factory Digital Twin Designer on RAMP 2.0,” marks its second release, following the initial release as “D1.2”. A final release is scheduled for M45 within the project timeline. The primary objective of this document is to achieve the “Integration of the APM in the RAMP Marketplace and provide a comprehensive guide on its usage.” It serves as the output of Task “T1.2 Factory Digital Twin Designer.”