The D2.7 titled “Data Protection in the RAMP Marketplace 2.0” outlines how RAMP operates as an online platform, focused on accelerating production for manufacturing SMEs through robotics. This report delves into the measures and protocols in place to ensure the respectful and secure handling of sensitive and personal data within RAMP. It encompasses aspects of data protection and cyber-security, providing updates to the previous report of 2021, “D2.1 Data Protection in the RAMP Marketplace 1.0.”

The D2.10 “Standard legal framework 2.0” deliverable builds on the first version of this document, which contained a proposal for service contract which SMEs and service providers can use when contracting for services through the marketplace.

In this second iteration, we have added a ”FAQ” section, as during the first round of KTEs it became clear that certain stakeholders did not fully understand how to identify and protect their rights and interests. We also prepared an informed consent form to facilitate certain APPS experiments, which will take place during the second round of KTEs.

The D2.11 deliverable, titled “Usability Requirements 2.0,” assesses the current usability of RAMP, outlines the usability requirements, and identifies areas for improvement. The RAMP development team has taken several actions to enhance the platform’s usability and improved RAMP in terms of usability. Additional usability requirements have been defined for the follow-up development. The objective of the work reported is to ensure that RAMP meets the usability requirements of its users and provides a seamless and intuitive experience.

This D2.12 deliverable, titled “User protection processes and mechanisms 2.0,” describes the mechanisms for protecting the users in using RAMP, beyond the technical aspect, as well as for enhancing their trust, with an ultimate goal of increasing the adoption of RAMP by the different actors of the automation value chain, i.e., manufacturing SMEs, automation technology providers, consultants, system integrators, robotics developers, etc. 

The D2.13 deliverable, titled “Data protection in the RAMP Marketplace 3.0,” is an update on the previous report of 2022, D2.7 “Data protection in the RAMP Marketplace 2.0.”