The ICT Cluster is gearing up to host a transformative online event on 28-29 March from 10-12 CET. Focused on digital transformation strategies, opportunities, and funding, this event promises invaluable insights for SMEs, national/regional stakeholders, and organizations primarily from Bulgaria, with a keen eye on the Balkan region.

One standout feature of this event is the presentation of ‘The Better Factory Method’ on 28 March. This method, heralded as an inspiring approach to digital transformation, emphasizes the pivotal role of artists as catalysts of disruptive innovation. In a concise 15-minute session, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how Better Factory is reshaping manufacturing landscapes and fostering a culture of innovation.

At the heart of Better Factory lies a groundbreaking initiative that has supported 16 teams, each comprising an artist, an SME, and a technology provider. With grants of up to 200,000 EUR and comprehensive business support and mentoring, these teams have evolved into cyber-physical systems, transforming into lean-agile production facilities capable of manufacturing both new and personalized products alongside existing ones.

One such team, known as FOLD, exemplifies the spirit of innovation driving Better Factory forward. Europack, a Bulgarian SME pioneering the development of eco-friendly products, collaborates with artist Isaac Monte B.V from the Netherlands and technical partner Oviso Robotics SRL from Romania. Over the course of approximately one year, this multidisciplinary team has harnessed their collective expertise to develop groundbreaking solutions.

At the upcoming ICT Cluster event, FOLD will showcase their innovative solutions. Their work has expanded the applications of bio-based materials in additive manufacturing but have also led to the development of novel extrusion techniques tailored to the unique viscosity of Stone Paper. This extends to crafting biobased pastes from waste streams, utilizing byproducts like Calcium from the limestone industry.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative potential of Better Factory and the innovative solutions crafted by teams like FOLD. Join us at this ICT Cluster event as we delve into the future of manufacturing and celebrate the power of collaboration, creativity, and technological innovation!

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