Excitement is building as the 6th International Cooperative Trade Fair of Tools and Processing Industry, INNOFORM, approaches, set to take place on April 16-18, 2024, in Bydgoszcz, Poland. INNOFORM stands as a premier platform for industry professionals to explore the latest innovations, trends, and technologies shaping the tools and processing industry.

This year, Better Factory is proud to announce its participation at INNOFORM, offering attendees a unique opportunity to engage with groundbreaking projects and cutting-edge solutions. Visitors can meet us at our booth 84, with an area specifically dedicated to showcasing the Better Factory project.

Among the highlights of our presence at INNOFORM is our participation in the industry conference on the first day of the trade fair. This conference will delve into critical topics such as recycling, environmental protection requirements, and regulations affecting the polymer plastics industry. Better Factory will have an hour slot during the conference, featuring presentations on our project methodology and innovative solutions.

Our partner Rodolfo Groenewoud from In4Art will kick off on Tuesday 16 April at 14:15 with an insightful presentation called “Innovation unleashed: Discoveries from Better Factory’s agile production and ersonalizedon of products initiatives”. In this speech, he will highlight the discoveries made thanks to our unique SME + Artist + Tech Supplier collaborations for new, personalized products and agile production to sustainably optimize manufacturing processes, utilizing COBOTS, digital factory set-ups, IOT devices, and personalized products and services. Following this, representatives from three of our KTEs — SMART ENVELOPE, MICOCRAFT, and SHOES IN CIRCLE — will showcase the solutions they are developing under the Better Factory umbrella. We will end this session with a presentation led by Olga Skalska from Funding BOX about projects with the cascade funding instrument.

SMART ENVELOPE is revolutionizing the envelope industry with digitalized and eco-friendly solutions, with PLAST FARB sp. z o.o., artist David Rickard and AND-TECH partnering to drive innovation. MICOCRAFT focuses on bio-inspired glue for sustainably manufactured products, demonstrating a collaboration between SPE Global Solutions, Rongo Design and ONSITE STUDIO to pioneer eco-friendly adhesives. Meanwhile, SHOES IN CIRCLE, a collaboration with artist Anka Walicka Project & Anna Walicka, Studio GF&L Unipessoal and company TAPI-1 Aleksander Żur, is reducing environmental footprints in the footwear industry through innovative design and materials.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative potential of Better Factory and engage with the innovative solutions crafted by our consortia. Join us at INNOFORM to explore the future of manufacturing and sustainability, and be part of the conversation shaping tomorrow’s industry landscape!