Food and Agriculture industry: time for awareness is up, the future is now
3 min read

The next decades, technologies will have a fundamental role in the transformation of the agriculture and food sector, yet it will be important not be too timorous with policymaking decisions.   Today, Agriculture and food-related industries and services make possible the employment of over 44 million people in the European Union. This data includes also 20 […]

Metal and machinery industry: the European high energy consumer
3 min read

Photo by Russ Ward on Unsplash The digitalization of the European metal and machinery industry is an opportunity for the sector to adopt new perspectives about how to produce and reduce the consumption of energy. New technologies and techniques such as additive manufacturing, Internet of Things, or Cloud computing have […]

Better Factory unlocks access to funding for the digital transformation of the European manufacturing industry
2 min read

The Better Factory initiative, funded under the European Commission H2020 programme, aims to help European manufacturers become more competitive in the global market by providing up to 200K EUR in equity-free funding to develop and deploy collaborative intra-factory experiments.   Manufacturing Companies will discover new business models and digitise their factories to match the production of […]

Better Factory received over 350 Expression of Interest applications across Europe
2 min read

Call for Expression of Interest of project Better Factory closed with 367 applications from Manufacturing SMEs, Artists and Tech suppliers from 30 different countries in Europe. 80% of SMEs and Tech suppliers are composed of 2-49 employees  37% of the workers’ SMEs and Tech suppliers are females  The first expression of interest […]

Furniture and Wood Industry: The forests and the obligation of taking care of the oxygen source of Europe
4 min read

The European furniture and wood industry must adapt to the Industry 4.0 transformation. There are many challenges that the industry must face such as competitive, innovative and environmental solutions. Nevertheless, the sector trends that tend toward the products’ customization and the development of ICTs within companies are similar to other manufacturing sectors.    Wooden products are durable, resistant, and do not require […]

The necessary conversion of the plastic industry
4 min read

How plastics can be part of the European sustainable vision?    The Plastic sector is a vital European industry which is giving millions of jobs to the old continent workers. Nevertheless, the way in which plastic is produced and consumed is no longer fitting with the sustainable vision of the twenty-first-century industry. Along with the digitalisation, the industry must face a major […]

Sustainability and technology: a look at the future of the fashion industry
5 min read

With the help of new technologies, fashion could become a more sustainable industry. Although there is still a long way until this transformation happens, little by little progress is done and the whole chain of clothes production is revolutionized.  For centuries, the textile industry has helped to shape the economy […]

Made in Europe: Art and tech disrupting the European Manufacturing industry
2 min read

Better Factory unlocks equity-free funding opportunities and premium services for collaborative experiments to bring the European Manufacturing Industry to the forefront of the digital transformation.   The project prioritises the following industry sectors: Plastic and Rubber; Furniture and Wood; Food and Agriculture; Construction; Metal and Machinery; and Textile and Leather.  Better Factory invites European Manufacturing SMEs, Artists, and Technology suppliers to engage in a […]

How can I benefit from Better Factory?
3 min read

Better Factory – Open Calls Better Factory will launch 2 Open Calls to select 8 Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTEs) per Open Call, making a total of 16 KTEs during the lifetime of the project. The goal of the KTEs is to lead a diversification of the SMEs product portfolio with […]

Advance Production Planning and Scheduling (APPS)
2 min read

Modern manufacturing and industries are racing already towards what we call 4th Industrial Revolution, or more technically stated as Industry 4.0. The necessity of a digital transformation of the manufacturing processes is considered indisputable, but it was also pushed drastically to an accelerating rhythm due to the late challenges brought […]

An introduction to Lean Manufacturing
3 min read

When Marie Kondo enters in your factory, amazing things happen Increasing quality while decreasing cost is a process that is not only reserved to large companies, SMEs can also benefit from applying methodologies that can make evolve their business. Simplicity, flow and balance are the keywords that define what seems […]

Better Factory: growing the European manufacturing business
2 min read

Better Factory invites Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers (SMEs) to redesign their current product portfolio together with Business and Arts mentors and Technology experts. Manufacturers can tap into disruptive product innovation that responds to new market demands while keeping production resources optimal with RAMP IoT platform. Better Factory helps manufacturers to […]