The D5.1 deliverable “KTEs’ Individual Mentoring Plans 1.0” describes the is a collection of all IMPs created with KTEs selected in the first round including all the services provided and services planned to be provided.

The D5.2 deliverable “SME + Artist Collaboration toolkit 1.0” presents the Tools and guidelines with example use‐cases from the collaborations performed under Better Factory framework. The experiments gathered three-member consortium from each, including 1 Artist, 1 Technology Supplier and 1 Manufacturing SME. This toolkit focuses on the collaboration between Artists and SMEs, describing the methodology applied and evaluating the collaborations by the mentors. The evaluation captures the whole progress of collaboration from the initial steps of setting the experiments plan and matchmaking until the delivery of results.

The D5.3 deliverable, titled “Technology transfer on RAMP Marketplace 1.0,” presents an overview of how the RAMP and APPSs were used and tested in the seven KTEs of the first round in the BetterFactory project. The document describes how the RAMP and APPSs were tested and found useful in all the seven KTE from the first Open call. This document is a summary of technology transfer via RAMP Marketplace for each KTE selected in the first round of the BetterFactory project. It includes technical success of KTEs, the use of RAMP and APPSs in the KTE tests, it indicates the KPIs and Deliverables produced and the assessment received by each KTE from the Mentoring Committee.

This D5.4 deliverable “Application Experiments scale up 1.0” focuses on the business scale-up activities that the seven selected Knowledge Transfer Experiments from the first round of open calls have carried out, and how the Better Factory consortium has supported them. This includes business support and work done by the KTEs during Task 5.2 – Knowledge Transfer Experiments, and Task 5.3 – KTEs scale-up.

The D5.5 deliverable “Success stories 1.0” is a summary of the seven Knowledge Transfer Experiments in the first round of open calls in the BetterFactory project, their consortia, objectives and success stories.

The D5.6 deliverable “Lessons learned 1.0” focuses on the Better Factory project’s open call rounds, where manufacturing SMEs, technology providers, and artists conduct experiments to test the project’s various services and components. The aim of these experiments is to evaluate proposed concepts and assess the industrial readiness of the services and tools for potential commercial exploitation after the project’s conclusion. The first round of experiments involved seven test cases, and structured feedback was gathered to identify areas for improvement. This report outlines the recommendations and proposed enhancements based on the findings from the initial round. Although the second round of experiments will provide more data for further validation and specific corrective actions, this report serves as a foundation, documenting the initial recommendations and the way forward to enhance the project’s outcomes.

The D5.7 deliverable “KTEs’ Individual Mentoring Plans 2.0” includes a collection of all Individual Mentoring Plans created with KTEs selected in the second round including all the services provided and services planned to be provided.