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📢 Speakers: 

  • Antonio Montalvo from FundingBox 
  • Anca Marin from FundingBox 
  • Ali Muhammad from European Dynamics  

The 1st Open Call Full Proposals from Better Factory Webinar held on June 3rd, 2021, started with a brief introduction on our initiative. Followed by a description of our value proposition for the manufacturing ecosystem and the challenges that we aim to tackle in order to bring up innovation and help to explore new horizons in technology.

Who can join the Better Factory initiative? 

  • Manufacturing companies – SMEs and MidCaps – that want to start the digitization journey.
  • Designers and artists who are willing to dive into the manufacturing world.
  • Tech suppliers looking to test innovative technologies with low financial risk.

🏭Through this collaboration, Better Factory aims to minimize the impact on production cost and to create more value by reducing waste, energy, and other production resources; optimizing factory logistics; using robots to support workers and production preplanning and simulation.

Better Factory offers a Knowledge Transfer Program for beneficiaries. It will launch 2 Open Calls to select 8 (First open call) + 8 (Second open call) experiments that will be supported to design new product lines and deploy automation intra-factory solutions. Furthermore, you can receive up to 200K EUR in equity-free funding!

💡Here are some insights from the successful session:  

🤔 What about the selection process? The full-proposals submission opened on May 1st. The deadline for proposal submission July 15th. The evaluation and selection process will go until October 1st. From that moment on and 16 months after, there will be the Knowledge Transfer Experiments execution.

Better Factory will provide two cutting-edge tools developed and tested during the lifetime of the Project: RAMP and Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling. 

📲 How to apply? The application form must be submitted through the Better Factory microsite and include the Full proposal document as per the provided template.

It is recommended to read the Guides and Documents. In case there are any technical questions, doubts, or troubles during the submission process, it is possible to contact the official Better Factory Help Desk.

🗣Learn about the application form template is and how should it be filled!